An exclusive members club for the modern day gent.

The Cornerstones




Long term wealth generation should be the focus - not a quick win followed by consecutive losses. Everything inside of Gents Croquet Club concentrates on this. Weathering the coming recession, profiting from it, and having sustainable growth.


An unfiltered, raw, and insightful mentorship session with guest speakers who are experts in their field, with trade-secrets, and the type of advice you don’t get anywhere else.


Success is a lonely road, and without a brotherhood of people who have your back, sharing success, and striving for the same mission, the odds are stacked against you. Gain access to an A1 network of high achievers, to grow and move forward with you.


It's time to take off the shackles. Inside the Gents Croquet Club community you will find all the information and guidance you need to achieve personal freedom. Through our partners and network, this covers establishing tax free residency, acquiring multiple passports and residencies, as well as having fail-safes in place.


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The BrotherHood

The Team to build your Dream Life

Gain access to the brotherhood

A team of exceptional individuals to help you build your dream life.

A private digital and physical mastermind for those fighting for the real world. Gain priceless insights and opportunities in the realms of business, income generation, wealth creation, social life, and more. Surround yourself with a circle of winners, pushing each other to be more

The Unfair Edge

Your Private Research team

A Private Research team.

Gain access to daily reports covering the best opportunities in the markets, as well as insights to onchain metrics, market sentiment, technical analysis, full project reports, spanning crypto, NFTs, Metaverse Real Estate, crypto gaming, and more.

All delivered in an easy to digest and insightful format, from the same team of researchers driving millions in profits from 2020 & 2021.

Board of Advisors

World Class Mentors

The most valuable conversations happen behind closed doors.

No more listening to watered down, PG advice made to rank on Youtube, not to help you grow as an individual. A portion of mint revenue and royalties will go towards hiring guest speakers who are experts in their given field to share their stories, what led to their success, and real valuable insights to grow yourself as an individual.

The Vault

Your Portal to All Things GCC.

A Safe storage for everything valuable.

A Safe storage for everything valuable. Use your pass to access the vault - an online platform housing all GCC’s private content.

Unfair Edge reports, the Board Of Advisors recordings, as well as multiple online courses unavailable anywhere else, tackling topics every gent should know - social circle building, watch investing, style, fashion, wine & cigar etiquette, crypto investing, and much more.


How Much WAS mint?

Mint was 4500 USDC. Yes, we minted in USDC, not Eth.

Will there be a second mint?

We will never release more Gents Croquet Club passes. The only way to join is via the secondary market on Opensea, Looksrare, or another NFT marketplace.

I've bought my NFT, how do I access the discord?

Congratulations! Please enter the vault, and book in an onboarding call in the community tab within the vault. This call is not a qualification call, it is simply to welcome you to the community, verify ownership, and help you get the most value out of Gents Croquet Club.

Why do i have to take a call?

This is not normal for most "NFT projects", we know.

We do onboarding calls to confirm ownership, and best integrate you into the community to create a safer, more valuable community.